Defining strategies for each persona group

After building personas and establishing your CRM processes, it is time to document a content development framework.*

This whole process is done for the benefit of your content development team.

The value of the persona based content development framework is to focus on the soft elements that differ between customer types. Examples may include tone, imagery, and value proposition differences. Each element you tailor is intended to help the customer better connect with the message you are developing.

Based on your general go-to-market strategy, you can probably establish a foundational messaging approach to be used across all personas. Use these tailored elements to supplement the broad plan.

Think of it this way… I might approach a sales call with a newly minted mother or father much differently than I would with a nearing retierment gradfather or grandmother. Their priorities and interestes are naturally different.

These documented strategies help the content development teams hit their mark.

Once completed, do not fall into the trap of treating these frameworks as something that last forever. Be prepared to maintain each strategy. As findings are discovered from reviewing the metrics, you will see how some things work and others don’t. Plan to adjust and learn.

Tip: Don’t forget to engage your sales team in this process. They understand these different approaches and can help guide the development of frameworks for content development teams to follow.

*Occasionally, this process is bundled with persona development.



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