Reflecting for the Annual Performance Review

It is nearing the time for year end performance reviews. A process for which I have greater respect these days compared to when I shuffled through the ‘must-do’ paper work and half-ass summary of my annual accomplishments.

Firstly, the annual review concept should not be something that is considered ‘annual’. This process should be something that is weaved into the day-to-day or at least a monthly retrospective. Incrementally keeping track of what has been accomplished is much easier than rushing at the end of the year to pour over the past 12 months of the calendar in an attempt to remember what was completed.

Another point is that the annual review process should not consist of writing a 30 page synopsis of every detail of every task that was completed. Instead, this is a process to showcase the greatest hits in nothing more than 2 maybe 3 sentences. No manager is going to read all the details. Remember, this is to highlight accomplishments, not activities.

Lastly, remember that the discussions with your manager is the real key to performance management. The regular cadence of communication and demonstration of your organization, initiative and ability to complete work ultimately helps those that assess your performance maintain a well rounded perspective on your effectiveness through the year.

Treat the performance review as an opportunity to shine!