CRM Structure

To make personas produce value, your CRM system needs represent the persona groupings. Your CRM system brings life to your personas.

The CRM system is bedrock for an effective personalization strategy.

Group customer contacts in your CRM system as indicated in your various personas. Group the contacts, and maintain a process for assigning the appropriate personas as contacts are added or changed. This is critical as you work downstream in your distribution process.

Each time you configure an email, social message, and advertisement, the CRM system needs to act as your source for contact information.

CRM elevates your marketing game from a spray-and-pray to a surgical-and-measured approach.

Looking back to our broad view of the Content Program, you see the CRM structure and strategy must be established early on. It is a foundational element to your success.

CRM is a complex process that can be overpowered by the sales processes. The marketing process must support the sales teams. Be sure to leverage CRM and integrate marketing into the overarching process. There are many success stories to tell in this space. Don’t overlook it or let it pass you by.


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