Worst case scenario, they say ‘NO’

Asking for things can be intimidating.

Proposing an idea for a special project… Requesting unexpected funding…. Asking for a raise….

Each of these scenarios can be gut wrenching and many people can’t gather the courage to ask. The idea will float on only as an idea.

When you are in this situation, remind yourself…

‘The worst that can happen is they will say NO’.

If they say No, it’s okay. You will survive. Your ego may hurt a little, but you will bounce back.

To help avoid the ‘NO’, be prepared.

It may not be the best idea to take a half-baked idea to a leader and expect a green-light. Do your homework. Outline a plan. Provide estimates of value. Document your rational.

New ideas require justification.

Demonstrate that you’ve thought your idea through.

Taking initiative will be seen as a positive attribute. It shows you are willing to take a risk. It shows that you want to be engaged and take responsibility.

You may not receive a Yes right away. You may be given coaching and direction to better refine the idea. That is fine!

Remain focused on the idea and continue building the case. Eventually, a good idea will be green lit and you can see your idea blossom into reality.