Translation of ALL content

Want a way to turn me off as a consumer? Send me to your website’s product information for my country / region and show information in untranslated or mixed translated form.

From an English speaking perspective, it rarely happens, but occasionally you may experience some Japanese or German content on products based from those countries. It’s easy enough to understand since all the engineering and information initially generates from those locations.

I’m not sure if this is an American ‘thing’ or what, but on a much more regular basis, English will be shown in Non-English locations in a mixed or completely untranslated form.

Just trying to put your feet in the shoes of a local non-English customer… Do you think this is a positive experience? I don’t think so. The same annoyed feeling I have when experience Japanese or German on an English page is what customers are bound to happen in reverse.

One of my missions is to ensure 100% language management for product content.

Yes, it costs money. Sometimes it does not feel ‘worth-it’ to spend the money in all cases. However, the negative brand and purchasing impact can be measured. (Yes, it’s been researched).

You and I don’t want to be used as an example in those metrics.