It’s been announced that I will be moving into a new role on September 1, 2021. Still in the same organization, tied to some of the same applications, but residing in a new division and taking on more of the strategic planning responsibilities. The change requires that my current responsibilities are broken apart and spread in a 3 way-ish split. It’s complicated.

Going through this process requires time to be carved out of the schedule. There are many details that have been woven into working level spreadsheets in the manner that made sense as my group organically grew.

The process of pulling apart the tentacles and helping others understand ‘what is what’ is fairly tedious. Everything has a back-story.

This provides interesting perspective on a transition. Hopefully, there will be lessons learned on how to managed details in a way that can be even better organized and ready for the next time someone else needs to jump in and take the reigns.