Selling a Proposed Direction

One can drift off in the idea that if only ‘I’ could make all the calls and set all strategic decisions everything would work SO much better.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but rarely does anyone have complete control and direction. When it does exist, I think it is called a ‘dictatorship’… which doesn’t always work out so well.

In most companies, direction must be set in a collaborative manner.

Ideas and concepts of how to move forward must be sold.

It takes not only technical know-how, but articulate communication and soft people skills to build trust and confidence before receiving authority to move forward with a strategy.

It can feel tedious. It can feel slow.

However, taking time to properly vet and validate a plan should be expected.

It helps to prepare for push-back. Be ready with research and data to demonstrate justification.

Don’t expect immediate gratification. Moving too fast typically results in oversights and long-term issues.

Keep this in mind as you work with people and you get challenged. These pressures are intended to sharpen your ideas, not stifle.