Summer time can be grueling. For those like myself with kids, we accommodate a lack of routines that come with school schedules. Remote work is still happening as we teeter towards a post-covid world and schedules are busier than ever. This means homes are being shared by more people, more of the time. It’s loud. It’s busy. It’s crazy.

We find ourselves looking for change or an escape.

We must not forget in all the chaos is that everyone needs to have a break. It’s hard when the sun stays up late, energy levels are high and there are always a ton of opportunities and fun things to do. It is far too easy to let your brain run on non-stop.

You need a break.

While a summer vacation may help people disconnect, it is just as critical to ensure proper rest and calm is incorporated into the summer routine.

It may be weird, but occasionally you should go to bed early.

Disconnect and play a board game.

Do something new!

Being overworked, overstimulated and overstressed is not healthy. The only person that can manage this is you. Take time for yourself and be healthy.