Managing a Busy Day

I just counted how many meetings are on my schedule today (excluding ‘Out of Office’ meetings)… 17!

Of course, that is representing conflicting meetings that I will not be able to attend. However, it does represent a packed schedule where there will be no time accomplish anything independently.

I know I am not alone with crazy days like this.

A good approach to tackling a packed day is to plan on rolling with it. Just go into the day knowing that not much email will be touched and some things just will not be done.

All that being said, it is tempting to plan on multi tasking through the day.

I always remind myself that it is proven that humans cannot multitask. So don’t try. In fact, try to avoid it.

Be present. Be mindful of the discussions. Don’t try to do things on the side.

Team members will appreciate your attention and the fact that you are bringing your ‘A’ game to the discussions.

Wish me luck!