Associating value to Content

Content management often receives a pass from business leaders when it comes to articulating ‘value to the business’.

It can be considered a no-brainer… Content must be managed as a fundamental element of the marketing & sales processes. Focus on the tools and processes, but don’t worry about associating value. [end sarcastic tone]

One of the concepts I like in the content management space is the idea of treating each piece of content as a financial asset. Each content has a cost of creation, live maintenance, long-term management for reuse, and eventual retirement.

The value equation evaluates the ‘cost of life’ for the content and the relationship to the business value attribution.

Associating a strong analytics process to understand interaction behavior with content and the linkages to leads / sales makes this possible.

Across many digital properties, brands commonly only have strong performance on 40% of their content. This is not a good track record and rarely gets scrutinized.

By tracking the value equation, you can better hone and focus efforts to ensure wasted content creation is avoided.

Provide the tools and embed the formulas for all team members to have these details at their fingertips. Make value association a part of each content creator’s annual goals. Apply pressure to let everyone know that the value is being monitored.

Applying these types of models will increase the quality of your online presence for customers and provide an internal framework for avoiding waste.