Should CEOs be present online and on social media?

I fidget in my seat. Like an out-of-place awkward child at the adult table. Surrounded by a subset of the worlds largest large-scale construction developers, the gentleman that invited me to this learning event tees up a question about the importance of personal branding. 

This is it. The reason he asked me to come speak to this group of construction industry CEOs. 

I go blank. 

Everything just flipped on its head. What the hell do I know? These guys are super successful! They are all looking to me to give them perspective and guidance on how to present themselves on social media!?!

Breath. I remind myself to focus the basics. 

These guys may be successful, but they are also smart and want to know what to be doing to stay fresh and relevant. We all feel like there must be more we could be doing. More we should be doing online to be present and visible.

While there may not be a magic formula about posting content on social media that turns you into a successful construction CEO. Just as it worked before social media, being an genuine networker that is reliable and trustworthy is what makes a good CEO, or any role for that matter.

Finding the right approach to use social media to broadcast the activities you want your professional network to see is a great way to start. Thinking of it as an extension of a customer newsletter can help.

End of the discussion, half of the table seemed to get it. Half of the table looked at me like I had a second nose. That’s ok, because when it comes down to it, it’s all about personal choice, strategy and discipline. Being active on social is not necessary. 

You can work offline via your in person interactions, but if you want to extend your network, the internet is here to help. Perhaps that doesn’t matter to you, but if  you can see value in having a diverse network, go for it!