I find the process of developing a marketing strategy and execution plan invigorating. I’ve been fortunate enough to lead teams in managing content development, promotion and delivery. I have managed marketing channels such as social media, advertising, strategic SEO, email marketing, marketing automation and traditional print. Marketing is constantly evolving and incredibly rewarding.

I graduated from Bellevue University in 2008 with a BS in Marketing Management. I attended college while working full time in marketing at Caterpillar Inc. It’s been a great place to gain experience.

Life Style

As a father of 3, much of my life is dedicated to my wife and children. We have an extremely active schedule, always running to activities or birthday parties. In my free time, I enjoy reading and taking in podcasts / audiobooks. Around the house, I am typically fixing something that is broken or remodeling something my wife has determined needs an update. Always lots going on, just the way we like it.

About Me

For +15 years, I’ve been helping position Caterpillar Inc. to the Public, Customers and Cat Dealers. I love to soak in information and consider myself a constant learner. My family keeps me grounded as they are the joy of my life. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. When there is time, I listen to a wide variety of music. I try to remain active in the community by volunteering for a variety of organizations.

Want to work with Brian?

Although employed in a full-time capacity, Brian can occasionally take on freelance work with non-competitive organizations. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn if you want to discuss a potential opportunity.

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Brian’s Areas of Expertise


Provide vision, team development and individualize guidance.  Representation of team within organization.

Content Strategy

Develop customer focused strategies that produce engaging material that is useful and relevant.

Performance Evaluation

Highly skilled at finding patterns within the data to identify areas of opportunity.

Marketing Planning

Tailored processes to articulate strategy and develop marketing / execution plans.

Customer Experience Architecture

Use data to inform placement of content ensuring customers find what they need.

Technical Translation

Highly skilled at working with technical teams to collapse complex concepts and summarize for novice audiences.